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They're coming to get you Barbara....

Moms Music Drum Shop Give Away!

We're doing a give away at Moms Music here in Louisville Ky. This is open to residents of the US, even alaska and that other state. :) From being in punk bands and playing DIY shows for the past years of my life I know how hard it is to save up funds to buy new equipment so I thought I'd post this to the community for interested parties although I live out of state.

This is a mom and pop Music Store here in Louisville Ky. I've worked there for nearly a year and it's an awesome place so feel safe entering this contest. I'm excited to see the entries and I get to help pick the winner so it's fun for everyone. :)

You get FOR FREE, no strings attached ...

-Gretsch Catalina Club Mod Drum Kit
-padded gig bags for all the drums
-Zildjian A custom cymbals (hats, crash, ride)
-Vater Drumsticks, 36 pairs with your name engraved on them!
-practice pad from Vater
-Vaters multi stick holder, drum kit drink holder, Vater t-shirt, 2 pair of Vater Splash Sticks!

You get all this for free, no tax, no shipping if we have to mail it to you or anything. FREE!

All You have to do it sign up and submit a photo of yourself with your current kit holding some sort of sign that says something along the lines of "I love the drum shop at Moms Music!".
You can do all this online. The winner will be judged based on the creativity of their photo.

No photoshopping, vulgar language, or nudity please.

Sign up through the link on our MySpace Page

Werd. Good luck!
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